My Second Step

"Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."

I'm making a real effort not to complicate the second step. It can be a very simple step for people like me who have already spent a great deal of time contemplating the existence of God. In fact, to the best of my memory, I have always believed in a Power greater than myself. I remember lying in bed as a child and looking up at the moon through the window with fear and awe. The mysterious longing for connection with some greater force has gnawed at my soul in my seeking and my hiding from Him. Even in days gone by when I was trying my best to numb my existential angst with drugs, material things and other people I could not deny or ignore the mystical world of spirit that I saw breaking through on occasion.

Strange and unexplained phenomena such as personal accounts from those who have had near-death experiences; ghostly encounters; the eerie wisdom of prophecy and the effectiveness of energy healing modalities tell me that there is definitely something big going on under the surface of existence. Have I figured out what that "thing" is yet? Not quite. And I don't really expect to solve the mystery in this lifetime. However, I do have certain convictions that bring me comfort and direction on my journey. These beliefs are not carved in stone so it is quite likely that, if asked any other day, I could give a somewhat different account of my faith. Suffice to say that I do believe in a Power great than myself.

And, that that Power can restore me to sanity. Yes, I need restoration. Yes, I have been insane. What is sanity? A sound mind and good judgement seem to sum it up for me. I certainly don't experience peace of mind or make wise decisions when I am active in my addiction. Even when I am not altering my consciousness with toxic chemicals I still experience moments of insanity and I believe that God can heal these pains as well -if I seek His power.

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