A Prayer

Hello sweet and loving God of Light. Please help me remain mindful of Your presence as I share my prayer and throughout my day.

God, when I doubt You are with me, when I doubt Your very existence, please forgive my weakness. Have pity on my lonely soul and heal me of my spiritual afflictions. Please God, shine Your light on the shadows that dwell within me.

If I consider how much You love me, how You love me more than I love my own children, it overwhelms me with emotion. Can I ever love You that much? I want to bust open the gates that guard my heart and reconcile myself to You God. Teach me to love with reckless abandon.

When I feel isolated and alone in the world remind me to reach out to others. I know that it is only through giving that we are able to receive. If I focus on sharing love, instead of receiving love, my cup will always be full.

If I am running on self-will, feeling entitled, seeking recognition or displaying arrogance then come into my consciousness God. When I am taking myself too seriously, feel shy or embarrassed, act self-righteous, critical, demanding or judgemental, then remind me to be little –always.

I know that I often get caught up in my own plans and consider them important tasks. I need to slow down, keep things simple, and remember what is important. Help me to be more flexible and forgiving when things are not happening as I would have liked or people are not doing what I think they should be. Like water washing over stones and branches swaying in the breeze, I too must give way to the elements that surround me. Teach me to have patience and acceptance. Remind me Lord, that peace and serenity are gifts for those who surrender.

Sometimes, fear overwhelms me and prevents me from embracing the goodness of the day. Usually this happens if I am more concerned for my body than my soul; or this world than Your kingdom. I struggle to trust that the universe is unfolding as it should. Please God, when I feel I cannot bear the suffering of this world any longer, fold me in Your arms so I might rest in You.

Open my eyes to the goodness on earth. Remind me that laughter is sweet music. Help me rediscover a childlike spirit so I might experience life as a silly, creative and joy-filled child of God. Keep me playful and free-spirited!

Thank you God.


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