Wounded Warrior

My drug and alcohol addictions kept me stuck in a bog. Heavy sludge weighed down my steps. It was pure drudgery. I progressed slowly. Eventually, I crawled out of the mess but I'm still covered in a lot of crap. I'm cleaning myself off now. I scrub a lot and wait for grace to rain down and wash the dirt away. We work together -God and me.

I expect plenty more obstacles on this journey. More temptations, more loss, more fear. Fallen trees, storms and predators are sure to cross my path. But I can climb, find shelter and fight as long as I stay out of that miserable wasteland of addiction.

I am now the wounded warrior. I have weaknesses but I am experienced, agile and brave. Spiritual springs quench my thirst and daily bread nourishes my soul. My enemies have retreated to the mountains for the time being.

I am feeling mighty victorious today. Can you tell?

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